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Please, do not hesitate to call the MDR location nearest you for any reason.

Please, do not hesitate to call the MDR location nearest you for any reason. Our staff will assist you, or put you in contact with the person you need to talk to at anytime.

Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

How long will the MRI take?

The average MRI scan takes 1-10 minutes, with a complete exam running 20-60 minutes. During this time, several dozen images may be obtained.

Can I bring a friend or relative with me during my MRI scan?

MDR allows a family member or friend to accompany patients into the exam room during their scan. The friend or family member is invited to sit outside the machine yet in the same MRI scan room and watch the procedure. Any accompanying guest must be able to follow the same restrictions as MDR patients. Don’t forget, patients and guests are always invited to discuss their exam concerns with MDR technologists or staff.

My scan is scheduled at MDR’s open MRI machine at Brittonfield. How do open machines operate differently than the full MRI scanner tunnels I’m used to?

The machine at Brittonfield Office Park operates like any other full-tunnel scanner and promises the same technological results. The main difference is a smaller portion of your body will need to enter the shorter tunnel, which means a greater feeling of openness and patient comfort.

How long does it take before my doctor receives the results of my scans from MDR?

On average, an experienced radiologist will read your MRI scans and deliver his or her accurate, timely reading to your physician within 24 hours of the exam.


To facilitate early detection and enhanced diagnoses, MDR offers the most advanced breast imaging procedures, including breast MRI, in a comfortable and caring environment.

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