Magnetic Diagnotic Resources of Central New York

Our Doctors

Below is a list of our experienced physicians who promise to provide you with the best care and most accurate readings possible.

  • Joseph Ang, M.D.
  • Robert Ashenburg, M.D
  • Mark Baesl, M.D.
  • Jennifer Barna, M.D.
  • Gerald Black, M.D.
  • Scott Buckingham, M.D.
  • Lawrence Calabrese, M.D.
  • Wilfred Carey, M.D.
  • Thomas Chacko, M.D.
  • John Cucinotta, M.D.
  • Nicholas D’Ambrosio, M.D.
  • Thomas Green, M.D.
  • Stuart Groskin, M.D.
  • Carl Guarino, M.D.
  • Catherine Keegan, M.D.
  • David Kunz, M.D.
  • Gary Leavitt, M.D.
  • Juno Lee, M.D.
  • Steven Leverich, M.D.
  • E. Mark Levinsohn, M.D.
  • Steven Lindeman, M.D.
  • David Mellman, M.D.
  • Dean Melville, M.D.
  • Stephen Montgomery, M.D.
  • Farah Naim, M.D.
  • Edward Noble, M.D.
  • Glen Michael Palmer, M.D.
  • Sherwin Pollock, M.D.
  • Richard Rozanski, M.D.
  • Guido Scatorchia, M.D.
  • Aaron Sharma, M.D.
  • James Sherwood, M.D.
  • Stuart Singer, M.D.
  • James Suchnicki, M.D.
  • John Teixeira, M.D.
  • Nicholas Trasolini, M.D.
  • John Vanslyke, M.D.
  • Christopher Vaughn, M.D.
  • David Wang, M.D


To facilitate early detection and enhanced diagnoses, MDR offers the most advanced breast imaging procedures, including breast MRI, in a comfortable and caring environment.

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